Tire and Wheel Packages

Tire and Wheel Packages

Purchasing tire and wheel packages is a great way to modify any car or truck and transform it from just another vehicle into something special. After all, our vehicles are more than basic transportation. Our vehicles, like other things we own, are extensions of who we are. They express our individuality personal preference and personality.

Adding your own personality or twist to your vehicle isn’t hard to do. For example, you can easily upgrade and change the look of your car or truck just by replacing your 4×4 tires or changing to off road truck tires and wheels to rim and tire packages for cars.

Upgrading your ride doesn’t have to be expensive either. The way to get the most dramatic upgrade to your vehicle and the biggest bang for your buck is by considering tire and wheel packages. The best place to start and easiest way to locate what you will eventually order is to check for tire and wheel packages on the internet. One suggestion would be to start with a tire comparison chart to evaluate the different options you like for your car or truck.
One of the best things about the internet is the amount of information that is available to you. It includes information about tires and wheels along with user reviews. Be sure read all the reviews about the tires you are interested such as off road truck tires, before you purchase them. Some tires are better in dry conditions, some are better in off road conditions, while others work better in bad weather such as winter tires for sale. Depending on where you live, you can use this information to get the least expensive tires and wheels that will work for your vehicle in the area you live and travel.

An additional benefit to doing an internet search for the cheapest place to buy tires and wheels are the many user reviews that you will be able to read to help you in your decision making. Having this information immediately at your fingertips really does put you in the driver’s seat and you’ll be able to make your decision with confidence. After all, there are many online tire sellers to choose from and some will have special shipping deals that make shopping online much easier and a more economical way to purchase new tire and wheel packages.
Should you decide to purchase wheels and tires together, most likely, you will be able to get a package deal with free mounting and balancing included and possibly free shipping as well. This is very attractive not only because you eliminate installation problems but they will highly personalize your car or truck and look great.

Safety is no Accident – Purchasing Tire and Wheel Packages

Vanity says we want our rides to look good and reflect our personality. After all, it feels good rolling down the highway in a car or truck that we love driving and looks good too. However, there are a few safety requirements that all tires have to meet so you and your passengers travel safely.
Some of the safety requirements you should be aware of when purchasing new tire and wheel packages are:
* Sizing is critical when purchasing new wheel and tire packages. Upgrading your car or truck with larger wheels and lower profile tires may looks great make sure it does not create problems. It is important that your new upgraded rims and tires are no more than three percent larger than the original wheel and tire combination. Larger wheels can put more stress on bearings and suspension components, hurt fuel mileage, and diminish ride quality
* Properly rated tires for the weight of your vehicle – larger, heavier vehicles require stronger tires
* Bolt pattern or bolt circle, lug nuts, sizing, lug wrench fitment, and wheel locks. A bolt circle is an invisible circle that is drawn through each wheel bolt center. This circle also takes into account the number of mounting-bolt holes. It is essential that the bolt circle of the new wheel matches that of the new wheel. If the bolt circles do not match, the wheel will not fit as it should.
* Make sure that your wheels and tires are properly secured. It is important to use the proper lug nuts or bolts with new wheels. Using lug nuts or bolts that are not to the correct specification or type can cause vital components to break.
* Making sure that you have the correct lug wrench. No explanation needed.
* Protect your investment by ordering and using wheel locks.
* Remember that your safety is no accident. Protect you and your passengers at all costs.

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